Annelie Eklund

Annelie is a social and extrovert person with a strong focus on implementation and delivery. She has extensive experience in operating various types of sophisticated testing tasks. Annelie has also developed new test methods and further developed existing ones.

Bengt Andersson

Bengt is an experienced electronic engineer with 15 years of experience of electronic design and system tests of military defense systems, and in addition 20 years of experience of test, verification, analysis and standardization within EMC. He has the ability to get a quick overview of technical problems and a structured way to find solutions. Bengt make use of his communicative skills in situations of evaluation of technical issues in teamwork. He also has experience of giving training courses in EMC and Electronics.

Daniel Bäckborn

Daniel is an energetic, responsible and careful person with a broad technical expertise. Daniel has extensive experience in integration and verification of management systems and radar. He has worked with everything from design to verification responsibility for products at the system level, which has given him great experience in many areas of technology.

Contact for EM-Simulations, Antennas & EMC, Research

Jan Carlsson

Jan is an experienced specialist with over 30 years of experience in EMC and antenna technology. He has a solid theoretical knowledge and experience of practical measurement techniques, investigative missions, and numerical simulations. He has extensive experience in leading and participating in development and research projects. Jan has a PhD degree from Chalmers and he is since 2003 adjunct professor at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Division of Communication and Antenna systems at Chalmers. Jan has developed several simulation software for EMC and antenna applications.

Jarl Törnkvist

Jarl has more than 15 years of experience from environmental testing within the telecommunication industry. This includes areas such as EMC, PLD, Climate and Vibration. Estimation of test scope, configuration of test object, performance of test and documentation has been his responsibilities.

Johan Eerola

Johan is an experienced and positive engineer/verification leader with great interest in technology. He has a wide common technical experience/knowledge and extensive experience in testing, planning, management, application solutions and documentation in various kinds of assignments.

Johan Permo

Johan has expertise knowledge primarily in the practical strength and complete vehicle testing. He has extensive experience in development and testing of chairs and seats for both cars and commercial vehicles, construction and manufacture of fixtures for strength and vibration testing, as well as work with field testing of heavy vehicles. Johan has extensive experience of working in projects, as participant and as project manager. Johan has a genuine interest in vehicles of all kinds, both professionally and privately.

Jörgen Wassholm

Jörgen is a happy extrovert person with many years of experience in test and verification within radio and EMC. He has extensive experience in laboratory measurements as well as project management experience in the telecommunications industry. He has also worked extensively with report writing, report review, test estimation and quotation work. He always puts the customers demand for efficiency and quality in focus. Privately, Jörgen has a large sports and outdoor interests, he has e.g. served as a full-time tennis instructor for several years.

Konstantinos Prionidis

Konstantinos is a highly qualified, driven and responsible engineer dedicated to providing innovative and sustainable solutions. His main interests are within wireless communications engineering, antennas and phased arrays. Konstantinos has about 4 years of experience in design and evaluation of wireless systems for mobile networks. He has worked with research within wireless industry to enhance the capacity of next generation cellular networks. By character, Konstantinos is easily adaptable to diverse environments and a great team player.

Mathias Gylling

Mathias is a positive and committed person who is used to drive targeted problem-solving ahead. He is easy to work with and can quickly settle into new jobs. Mathias has worked with engine development, engine management and hybrid vehicles since 2001 and he has a vast knowledge of the automotive industry with experience from Volvo GTT, Volvo Cars, Volvo Penta and GM Powertrain.

Morteza Hassanzadeh

Morteza is a conscientious engineer who after graduation from Chalmers worked for some years within vehicle dynamics and active safety. In addition to testing and verification, he is also skilled in modelling and simulation. Morteza has also worked as design engineer in the automotive industry for three years in Iran before he started studies at Chalmers.

CEO, Contact for Services

P-O Bergström

P-O is the founder and CEO of Provinn, he has extensive experience in conducting testing activities in the consulting industry. P-O has been in charge of personnel and implementation of test and verification services in various industries for more than 20 years. He has very good knowledge of leadership in technology and product development, his approach is results-oriented and marked by trust and openness.

Stefan Larsson

Stefan has extensive experience as test and verification engineer in the electronics and automotive industry, particularly in the EMC field. He is a serious, structured and responsible person who is good at planning and see the big picture of the project. Stefan has extensive experience in test planning and documentation and has been involved in both large and small development projects.

Contact for OxTS, Spirent

Torbjörn Persson

Torbjörn is an experienced test engineer and test manager with considerable experience in testing and verification. He is used to plan, manage and perform testing and verification missions in several different areas. Torbjörn has experience of working in various types of projects, both short-term assignments and turnkey projects from project initiation to final delivery to the customer.

Vera Otteborn

Vera is committed and responsible and good at building good relationships. She has extensive experience in durability testing of complete engines in both test cells and in test vehicles, where she has worked with the entire process from measurement to inspections, reporting and documentation. Vera is also an experienced technical writer of product manuals, systems descriptions and user instructions.