About us

Provinn was created in May 2011 with the sole purpose to cater for our customers need of test, verification and analysis during the whole development process.

Today, Provinn is one of the leading specialists in Sweden within qualified test, verification and analysis of components, systems and complete products. Our consultants have extensive experience in following up and verifying quality requirements. We will help you ensure product quality whether it be development of new products or cost reduction through re-design or change of material. Provinn´s customers are to be found mainly within the vehicle, aircraft, surveying and energy industry.

We have extensive experience in our key areas of expertise:

  • Preparation of specifications
  • Test method development
  • Test management
  • Analysis and support in improvement
  • Measurement support
  • Test / verification of components, systems and complete product
  • Integration of systems / subsystems
  • Optimization / verification of control systems
  • Environmental durability
  • EMC (Electromagnetic compatibility)
  • Antennas and EM-simulations

Our philosophy

Our business philosophy is based on the insight that making mistakes is human – Errare humanum est. There are however times when things may go awry, occasions where a single mistake can put people's lives at risk - situations where the consequences might be devastating. Our overall goal is to eliminate the cause of these errors.

We are driven by a combination of curiosity and the mindset that the interaction between man, technology and the environment is always possible to do a little better. We create new values for our customers by integrating our passion for technology with our extensive experience and a desire to constantly improve things. And we love challenging test assignments in research and product development.

GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation

Personal privacy is important to us at Provinn, and that your personal information is handled in a safe and correct manner, whether you are a customer, supplier, employee, subcontractor or participant in any of our events.

We have updated our Privacy Policy, which describes, among other things, how and why we process your information. You find it here (in Swedish).