Life span verification

To ensure proper requirement setting, reliability, performance and durability are required development and validation testing during the major part of the project phase. For us at Provinn the task is often life span verification of motor / engine component test rig, testing of chassis components to ensure optimum performance and drivability. It can also involve performing subjective assessments combined with objective measurements of AWD systems or transmission, to ensure that the selected components are sufficient. At Provinn we have long experience of working in these areas, both on the passenger car side as well as on trucks.

Energy Management

Optimization Engine Control Systems / Hybrid Systems

Our specialists in control system optimization has vast experience in emission and performance optimization of combustion engines, both for heavy vehicles and passenger cars. Our focus areas right now are within the emission / power optimization of heavy diesel engines and development and calibration in the field of Hybrid Mode Management / Energy Management and drivability of hybrid vehicles. We are used to work with the majority of commercially available engine control systems and optimization tools, and have played an important role in many interesting customer projects.